This Weekends Irish Independent. Features one of my photos from the current exhibition on at The Culture Box ,Templebar.

5 films developed, 32 to go. #Darkroom #analog #film #tmax

Just received the catalog for the #DisobedientObjects exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum London starting July 26th.
Besides featuring one of my photos on pg 44-45.  
It’s also full of protest art and lots of useful information on how to build graffiti stencils, and book shaped shields.  

I’m really glad to be a small part of this unique exhibition.  


From recent series Election posters of Kosovo.  The rest can be found on my website Here.

Taken with a Rolleiflex 3.5f. 

An American Beauty moment walking through the streets of Dublin. Street photography without people. #Dublin #wind #streetphotography

Readers on Toronto Subway.  I was browsing old Neg Scans from Canada last year and when I came across this, it reminded me of an article by the Guardian.  Which ironically has an advertisement for their street photography workshop on the same page.  Double standards where you can have a publication that casualy dismisses a photographic genre and promotes and makes money from it at the same time. 

I was discussing with some friends globalisation and mono culturalism, the next day I saw this scene proving my point.  I noticed at this tram stop everyone was wearing the same type of clothes even all the slight greenish tones are the same.  Im glad I had colour film in that day.